Ideation Technologies 2018: Obstacles to Adoption of Interactive Flat Panels

Where to Look for Successful Use Cases

A challenge many organizations face is how to overcome organizational or individual resistance to change with respect to the adoption of ideation solutions..  This research note focuses on challenges and obstacles cited by 166 IT decision makers: 128 of whom have deployed or piloted collaborative interactive flat-panels, and 38 of whom have chosen not to deploy or trial.  It explores challenges such as inclusion of remote attendees, integration of video or audio conferencing for remote work, manageability, security, training resources, and change management.

Concerns are grouped into three areas: IT-specific, end user experience, and change management concerns.  The note also explores the reasons why displacement of traditional methods of doing things may occur over time, and some of the newer use cases vendors are telling us are more commonly found among their customers.

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1 Oct 2018
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