Fuze for Learning, Talent and Education

Description and analysis of Fuze offerings and positioning in education and training markets

Since its acquisition by Thinking Phone Networks in late 2015, Fuze has been able to establish a consistent UX, build on its contact center technologies, and further its integrations with telephony, cloud storage, and enterprise software platforms.  It has added to its business intelligence capabilities and become highly scalable – making it appealing to organizations in education or L&D that wish to scale video to learners and subject matter experts of all stripes.  The company has gained some traction in education and training markets but may not have capitalized on the opportunity yet, even as many organizations are seeking to move their collaboration capabilities to the Cloud.  This profile describes Fuze’s offerings and its strengths and weaknesses for educational and training organizations, and updates a September, 2015 analysis with a fresh take on what Fuze’s contact center technologies might mean for scaling video across the enterprise.

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25 Oct 2017
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