Fundamentals of Safe Streaming in the Enterprise

Identifying - and Eliminating - Threats to Secure Online Video in Business Communications

Video piracy is a fact of life in the online media business, but it is growing threat to business communicators who are embracing streaming technologies, as well. The growing adoption of online video creates yet another juicy target for cyberthieves and other bad actors who are already demonstrating a propensity for stealing digital assets from business users. Online video – once considered a technical novelty sometimes used by large companies to jazz up a lead-generation webinar or product launch – is playing an increasingly important role in enabling richer forms of employee-to-employee communications on a one-to-many basis. More and more organizations are putting the technology to work to broaden the reach of company-wide townhall meetings, enable more cost-efficient forms of employee training and help human resources distribute worker benefits information in a standardized manner, no matter how large the workforce.

In this free paper, sponsored by Sherpa Digital Media, Wainhouse Research identifies the relevant threats to video security resulting from the emergence of the “streaming enterprise,” and discusses technologies and best practices that can be implemented to address these security concerns.

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28 Mar 2018