Evolving Telehealth Markets in 2018

The Inflection Point for Integrated Telehealth Delivery

Wainhouse Research believes that the healthcare industry and supporting technologies are reaching an inflection point in which telehealth is a new “killer app” for collaboration.  This research note re-examines a space WR has been monitoring for years, one in which all the technological, policy, and market elements are coming together to support widespread adoption.  The note explores market drivers, leading patient care areas, benefits, obstacles, and a sampling of key or noteworthy providers.  The goal is to provide guidance to WR subscribers (vendors and end users alike) considering entering the fray or looking to update their strategies. By design, the focus is on the U.S. market that is being driven by innovation and healthcare reform, though we note that significant numbers of deployments are taking place across the globe.

In addition to drawing on WR’s internal database, we briefed with and describe five vendors delivering solutions today: Avizia, Brother, GoMo Health, Vidyo, and Zoom.  Four are technology providers and one is a value-chain integrator.

Included are charts describing seven business climate drivers, six major technology drivers, a pyramid chart representing the key technology elements at play, and six modern use cases.

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5 Jun 2018
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