Evaluation of the Revolabs HD Wireless Microphone Systems

Results of WR's hands-on testing of the Revolabs HD Wireless Microphone Systems.

In Q4 2009, Wainhouse Research (WR) conducted an evaluation of the Revolabs HD and Executive HD Wireless Microphone Systems. Specific areas of focus during the evaluation included:

  • Ease of Installation
  • System Usability
  • Audio Performance
  • Compatibility with leading videoconferencing systems
  • Overall Value / User Experience

To facilitate the testing, Revolabs provided WR with two HD Wireless Microphone Systems; an Executive HD 8-Channel System, and an HD Dual Channel System. For several weeks, WR used these Revolabs Wireless Microphone Systems during video calls on a variety of current generation videoconferencing systems.

As was the case with our previous evaluation of the Revolabs Fusion product, WR was extremely pleased with the performance, usability, and overall experience provided by the Revolabs HD Wireless Microphone Systems. We especially appreciated the wide-band audio support; a new Revolabs capability that allows these systems to support the wireless microphone requirements of even the most discerning users in the most demanding environments.

This study, sponsored by Revolabs, provides detailed information about the Revolabs HD Wireless Microphone Systems and the results of WR's evaluation.

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1 Nov 2009
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