Evaluation of the Logitech GROUP Kit Solution

Hands-on testing of a hardware / software bundle that adds group conferencing to small and medium meeting rooms.

With ~ 7,000 employees and generating ~ $2B in annual revenue, Logitech is a leading PC peripheral manufacturer offering webcams, keyboards, standard and “gaming” computer mice, PC speakers, mobile speakers, tablet accessories, home control devices / remotes, and more.  Logitech is also a longstanding player in the video conferencing market. 

In 2011, Logitech formed the “Logitech for Business” division offering a variety of products and accessories targeting business / enterprise users, and in early 2012 this division released its first product in a category that WR calls the “Group Conferencing Add-On” market.

In March 2016, Logitech announced a new bundle offering called Logitech GROUP Kit which includes the following:

  • an Intel NUC mini-PC
  • a software application called QuickLaunch SE from Illuminari
  • a Logitech GROUP conferencing add-on system
  • a Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard
  • the customer's choice of personal / desktop conferencing applications (e.g. Skype for Business, Blue Jeans, Jabber, Zoom, etc.)

In Q2 2016, Logitech commissioned Wainhouse Research (WR) to provide a third-party assessment of the Logitech GROUP Kit.  To facilitate this effort, Logitech provided WR with a demo Kit system.  This document contains the results of our hands-on testing of the Logitech GROUP Kit solution.

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15 Sep 2016