Evaluation of Light Blue Optics' Kaptivo Solution

Hands-on testing of a cost-effective whiteboard capture solution

Founded in 2004 and with offices in Cambridge, UK, and San Mateo, CA, Light Blue Optics (LBO) is a developer of collaboration solutions and tools for corporate meeting rooms, and the training and education markets.

In December 2016, LBO announced and started shipping its newest product – Kaptivo, a camera unit that mounts above a standard whiteboard, captures the content on the whiteboard, and makes that content available to remote users.

In May 2017, LBO commissioned Wainhouse Research (WR) to provide a third-party assessment of its Kaptivo product.  To facilitate this effort, LBO provided WR with a complete Kaptivo unit.

This document contains the results of our hand-on testing of Kaptivo. 

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25 May 2017