Evaluation of the Beam Smart Presence System (SPS)

Results of WR's Hands-On Testing of this Robotic Telepresence Solution

Founded in 2011 by Scott Hassan (ex. Google), Palo Alto-based Suitable Technologies created the Beam Smart Presence System (SPS) as a solution to their own frustrations with remote work. 

Suitable Technologies believes that existing collaboration solutions (e.g. telephone, video conferencing, etc.) do not allow remote workers to interact naturally with their colleagues.  The Beam device is the company’s solution to this problem; the device was designed to work in locations and situations where video conferencing does not.

The WR test team has participated in trade-show demos with several robotic telepresence companies and have always left with one unanswered question --- just how valuable would such a solution be for a typical organization.  So when Suitable Technologies offered to send us a demo unit for our use within our environment, we jumped at the chance.

This note provides the results of our hands-on testing of the BeamPro solution, as well as our thoughts and opinions on the benefits associated with robotic telepresence solutions.

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24 Feb 2015
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