Enterprise, Education, & Government Interest in All-in-One, Collaborative Interactive Flat Panels 2018

Presentation and Analysis of Vertical Market Attitudes by Specific Vertical, Size of Organization, and Job Role

Wainhouse Research conducted a survey of 2,004 knowledge workers in the fourth quarter of 2017 to gauge use, deployment, and perceptions of technology platforms and services. Within that survey, WR fielded a set of questions specifically related to the use of all-in-one, touch-screen monitors that to varying degrees combine integrated or connected computer capabilities, interactive flat panel (IFP) displays, built-in microphones, cameras, video conferencing, web conferencing, and other functionality.  These devices, as IFPs, display video content as well as support drawing, annotation, and imported content and may include brainstorming and ideation capabilities.  Such platforms can be used as stand-alone meeting, teaching, and learning devices or integrated within a larger Unified Communications ecosystem. 

The seven charts contained herein are based on the level of usage and interest indicated by the 2,004 knowledge workers. The data are segmented based on major market (education, government, and enterprise), specific vertical markets, size of organization, and job role.  There are also comparisons to similar data collected in the prior year.

This note describes the extent to which usage is slightly up year over year and discusses the possible impact of recent introductions of the Cisco Spark Board, Google Jamboard, and similar platforms.

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1 Mar 2018
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