Enhancing the Value of Video Conferencing in the Enterprise

Leveraging One-to-Many Capabilities to Boost Video’s Impact on Business Communications

Video conferencing solutions have done as much as any other technology over the past decade to introduce business executives to the power of rich media communications. The ability to marry high-quality video with on-screen presentation data has literally redefined the way in which many executives conduct meetings, share insight and collaborate with far-flung constituents on a real-time basis. Indeed, even as the implementation of video conferencing solutions becomes more commonplace in the enterprise, executive appetite for video-enriched communications is hard to satiate. Simply put, those who use video conferencing extensively look for more and more ways to leverage the technology to reduce travel costs, increase productivity and boost return on investment.

In this white paper, sponsored by Videxio, WR discusses the extent to which organizations are squeezing more value from video conferencing by integrating it with streaming media platforms that enable one-to-many distribution of video content on a live and on-demand basis.

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26 Jan 2018