Education Networks of America

Company profile providing information and insight into a data, voice, cloud, and video service provider

Education Networks of America (ENA) was founded in 1996 and beginning that year created one of the first statewide K-12 networks in the U.S., connecting all schools and school districts in the state of Tennessee.  (Up to that point any K-12 locations on statewide networks typically were ad-hoc nodes in blended higher ed / community college / municipal or state government networks – this was one of the first or perhaps the first all-statewide primary / secondary school network.)

Since then ENA has become a provider of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions to school systems, libraries and governments, and now serves nine statewide contracts and 16 of the largest school systems in the country.  ENA focuses on four key areas: 1) managed data services (principally Internet access, wide area networks and managed Wi-Fi); 2) hosted voice services; 3) hosted video services; and 4) its most recent addition to its portfolio, cloud services.  It also resells some third-party products.

This profile examines ENA’s recent moves into cloud services and its switch to Zoom from Vidyo as its video conferencing partner, and describes new markets into which it is expanding.

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13 Oct 2016
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