Discover Video in Education and Training

Streaming Provider with a K-12 Focus Expanding its Base

Founded in 2008, Discover Video has established itself as a developer of streaming media platform solutions sold primarily for use in the K-12 education market. Based on recent product announcements and strategic initiatives, the company appears to be expanding efforts to sell into markets beyond its traditional core.  Discover Video represents a “second act” of sorts for founder Rich Mavrogeanes, who is best known for his previous role in launching streaming media solution provider VBrick – a pioneer in the ed tech marketplace for its first-to-market live streaming solutions.  Today Discover Video offers its DEVOS Video Server, content capture products, and distribution and networking products and hosted services.

Discover Video now generates about three-fourths of its overall revenues from the education market, with the overwhelming majority of its sales generated from K-12. Reference customers cited by company management include the Toledo Public School District, the public school systems in both Springfield and Lowell, Mass. and the Klein and Lamar Independent School Districts in Texas.  The remainder of Discover Video revenues come from the government segment along with a handful of corporate customers.

Based on its strength in the K-12 market, WR interviewed two customers to hear their experience with the products and to validate our take on the company.  Both customers report highly successful deployments.

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11 Aug 2016
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