Digital Video Transmission the IT-Friendly Way

Real world options for sending video over CATx cables or IP networks

Traditional audio visual (AV) systems were designed to support analog video signals.  However, analog video - and especially analog video cabling - introduced many AV system challenges.

Today, driven largely by consumer products, basically all of our video sources (e.g. cable TV, satellite, DVD players, media players, PCs, etc.) have gone digital and support HDMI connections instead of composite, component or VGA outputs.  

On the positive side, the HDMI standard allows for the transmission of uncompressed HD video signals, multi-channel audio, and control signals over a single cable.  However, while HDMI works well for most consumer / residential applications, it does not work as well for professional AV applications for reasons including cable fabrication issues, cost factors, distance limits, and reliability concerns.

This white paper, sponsored by the HDBaseT Alliance, provides information and insight into real world options for transmitting digital video signals in an enterprise and IT-friendly way.

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8 Mar 2017