December Update: 2018 Worldwide Audio Conferencing Services Market Sizing & 5-Year Forecast

Market Sizing & 5-Year Forecast of Worldwide Audio Conferencing Service Markets

This December 2018 release updates WR’s October 2018 forecast release.  We have adjusted the 2018-2022 worldwide forecast as well as the forecasts for North America, Western Europe, and Asia Pacific based on observable data from CY Q1, Q2, and Q3 2018.  Because we do not collect quarterly data from Latin American, we have not updated Latin America. Additionally, we do not collect quarterly data from India and China – which are a large portion of the Asia Pacific market.  Therefore, while we have updated Asia Pacific based on changes we have seen from other countries in Asia Pacific, an update from India and China could indicate more change than we are currently able to forecast with observable data from our quarterly reports.  In Q1 2019 WR will conduct an assessment of Latin America and update the annual forecast for that region.

Likewise, because we do not have new information on the UC market beyond what we collected in October 2018, we are not updating the UC or PWC Offset within this update.

Data presented in this report includes estimates for worldwide and each of four regions (NA, WE, AP, LATAM) including:

  • 5-year forecast by service type – attended/unattended audio conferencing
  • 5-year % growth by service type – attended/unattended audio conferencing
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13 Dec 2018
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