Connecting People Better

A New Architecture for More Natural and Productive Online Experiences

Up to now streaming video and webcasting, two-way video conferencing, web conferencing, and virtual worlds have each existed in their own turf and found their own (often similar or overlapping) use cases.  Executives, knowledge workers, and educators alike have worked with a broad range of technology solutions – none of which thus far have adequately combined the reach of a large broadcast with the interactivity of a collaborative platform.  To that end, Wainhouse Research conducted a feature review of the Shindig platform, comparing and contrasting its capabilities with the other major categories of collaboration described above. 

We also conducted two informal “sandbox” events in June, 2015 during which we tested the Shindig platform with a number of WR clients and end user stakeholders.  Post event we queried attendees regarding their positive and negative impressions of the experience.  The result is this candid assessment of pros and cons we find in the Shindig service – and a discussion of its differentiating capabilities.  We are especially intrigued by how Shindig wants to remove constraints to interactivity, and help make large events feel more natural in ways that only virtual worlds have come close to (but have not succeeded in) accomplishing.

Its video sidebar / group room capabilities make it instantly appealing to discerning, thoughtful users where dialogue and interactivity rank as high as event facilitation.   Its ease of participant entry should make it appealing to any of a number of use cases, like brainstorming, product launches, teaching and learning, professional development, sales and marketing events, media and publishing, town hall meetings, and facilitated seminars.  Its free-wheeling nature may not appeal to some users more comfortable with hierarchical events, but it does offer a fresh look at and approach to how we connect online. The white paper, sponsored by Shindig, explores the strengths and weaknesses of this emerging platform for live, online events.


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15 Sep 2015