Comparison Matrix - Robotic Telepresence Systems (2015)

Features, functionality, and cost information on leading solutions

This comparison matrix provides detailed information about leading robotic telepresence (RTP) systems that enable remote users (a.k.a. pilots) to move around and be virtually present in remote locations.  This research specifically DOES NOT include information about fixed-location solutions (e.g. articulating device stands or table-top solutions).

Topics covered within this document include:

  • Company Background
  • Basic Solution Information
    • Intended Device Application
    • Navigation Methods Supported
  • Basic Device Information
    • Communication Methods Supported
    • Physical Characteristics
    • Screen / Display Details
    • Main Camera Details
    • Secondary Camera Details
    • Audio System Information
    • Driving Details
    • Power Details
  • Driver / Control / Conferencing Software Clients
    • Cloud Service Features
    • Driving Methods Supported
  • Autonomous Driving Methods Supported
  • Video Conferencing / Collaboration Features

This matrix also includes links to pictures of the various devices and screen shots of the user interfaces.

Robotic Telepresence (RTP) systems included in this document:

  • Endurance - AndyBot
  • Giraff Technologies - Avatar
  • iRobot Corporation - Ava 500
  • Mantaro Networks - Classic 2
  • Mantaro Networks - TeleMe 2
  • Orbis Robotics - Teleporter
  • Orbis Robotics - CARL
  • Suitable Technologies - Beam+
  • Suitable Technologies - BeamPro
  • VGo Communications - VGo

Important Notes:

1) Please contact [email protected] if you believe your company should have been included in this document


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4 Sep 2015
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