The "Cloud" of Confusion Over VC as a Service

WR UC&C Summit 2014 Presentation (video)

Cloud service offerings are the talk of the town in the video conferencing space. Some services focus on video bridging alone, while others provide a wide range of additional services. All claim to offer the same basic benefit - video conferencing across the entire enterprise, without the hassle, complexity, and up-front cost of an on-premise deployment.

In this presentation, WR Sr. Analyst Ira Weinstein focuses on the real benefits of a VC service offering; the types of VC service offerings available; what you can expect to see after activating a service (and what you won't see); and what makes one service offering better than another.

Presentation given at Wainhouse Research's UCC Summit, held in Santa Clara, Calif.  in July, 2014

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34 Minutes
5 Sep 2014
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