Cisco for Learning, Talent and Education

Analysis of Cisco’s Collaboration, Collaborative Knowledge, and Digital Education Platforms for Teaching and L&D

This analysis examines Cisco’s delivery of solutions that address both educational and L&D requirements, starting with Cisco’s core collaboration offerings (Jabber, WebEx, Spark and Spark Board, video conferencing, Telepresence, and Unified Communications), expanding the discussion to include Cisco’s internally developed Learning Management System, Cisco Collaborative Knowledge.

The report describes Cisco’s vision for its Digital Education Platform, and how the company is becoming increasingly competitive in education and Learning markets by integrating disparate platforms into a single solution.   Cisco’s integration of connected classrooms, virtual classrooms, connected research (its Digital Learning focus) and connected campuses, smart workspaces, and campus security (its Digital Campus focus) is part of its efforts in bringing to market what it calls the Digital Education Platform.  This framework for unifying campus technologies is enabled via intelligent networks, intelligent facilities, physical and cybersecurity platforms, multilayer / multi-service networking technologies, connected infrastructure services, and online courses and workspaces.

The analysis describes major partners such as Apple, CirQlive, and VBrick.  Finally, it discusses recent acquisitions such as MindMeld, Synata, and Tropo, which together offer further ways of adding value to the Digital Education Platform as well as Cisco’s other lines of business.

End user subscribers utilizing this profile and analysis will be better-positioned to explore technology areas to discuss with Cisco while assembling requirements documents, and vendors will be better able to review Cisco’s strategy for education and L&D to determine areas for potential partnership – or competitive differentiation.

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8 Aug 2017
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