Business Video at the Crossroads: Streaming and Group Video Conferencing

Quantifying the Extent of Streaming Integration with Room-based Video Collaboration Solutions

The data presented in this report highlights the extent to which streaming platforms enabling one-to-many distribution of video online are integrated with group video conferencing systems that are currently in use in the enterprise. These integrations make it possible for executives to access live video conferences via PC or Smartphone and/or make it possible for organizations to archive video conferences for later access.

In this report, survey data is used to quantify the current implementation of technologies that combine streaming and group video conferencing capabilities as well as measuring executive interest in future implementation of this type of integration. Charts of survey results presented in this report segment implementation and interest results by size of organization, industry vertical, annual streaming technology budget and the extent to which an organization currently uses group video conferencing systems.

The report also highlights results from WR survey questions gauging executive attitudes towards more widespread adoption of technologies that enable users to access video conferences via PC and smartphone and their outlook on archiving video conference content for later access online.  The results measuring executive attitudes are presented in charts segmented by respondents’ age, functional discipline, executive role and the frequency with which they currently use group video conferencing solutions.

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22 Jun 2017
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