BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice

WR's Hands-On Testing and Opinions on BT's New Audio Conferencing Service


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The non-exclusive, public distribution of this subscription-only research note has been sponsored by Dolby.

BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice is a meet-me audio bridging service that allows meeting participants to connect over the phone (via standard PSTN), from their PCs using a browser plug-in, or from their mobile devices using a dedicated BT MeetMe application.

Over the years, WR has used a wide range of paid and free audio conferencing services.  And, while each service has its own look and feel, we have found it difficult at times to differentiate between many of the offerings.  This note includes detailed coverage and analysis on one particular aspect of the BT MeetMe service that we believe to be an interesting differentiator – the addition of Dolby Voice.

Overall, WR was pleased with the performance of this service - but there's more to the Dolby Voice component than meets the eye.

This document was co-authored by WR's Ira Weinstein and AVDesign's Saar Litman.

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21 Jul 2014
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