BlueJeans Network

An updated review of the company, its expanded offerings, and revised strategy

Founded in 2009, California-based BlueJeans Network (BJN) is a leading (perhaps the leading) cloud-based video conferencing service provider as measured in video revenues.   In the 3 ½ years since we last profiled BJN, much water has passed under the bridge, including:

  • The original founders, Krish Ramakrishnan and Alagu Periyannan, are still in charge, but numerous management changes have taken place.  In the past year, the churn has been especially significant as the company moved to bring in more experienced managers in a development that many have interpreted as preparation for a public IPO.
  • The company has raised over $175M since its founding, enabling BJN to invest in technology, sales, marketing, and network points-of-presence (PoPs).
  • In recent press releases, the company claimed 120% year-over-year growth in usage since its founding and claims to have a current run rate of over 2B minutes of video usage per year generated by over 4,000 enterprise customers.
  • The company has made several moves to avoid being a "one-trick pony."  These include the release of Primetime Events (interactive streaming service) and BlueJeans on Social (née BlueJeans for Facebook Live).  Most recently the company introduced BlueJeans Huddle, a software client intended for small meeting rooms rather than personal devices and that provides BJN customers with a consistent interface across huddle rooms, desktops, mobile, and H.323/SIP systems.
  • The company has shifted to a bi-modal sales model that includes selling direct to end users as well as through AV integrators, value added resellers, and collaboration service providers.  
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10 Dec 2016
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