Augmented Reality: the Next Step for Enterprise Collaboration?

Augmented Reality (AR) is not new.  Functional uses have been around for well over a decade.   More recently, news driven by Facebook (Oculus acquisition for $2B), Google Glass and Google Cardboard, Microsoft Hololens, and others have shined new light on AR technology and applications.  With advances in software, processing power, display technology, and wearable devices, applications in the business world are growing.  In many ways, the current status of AR is similar to that of the video conferencing industry 25 years ago and the unified communications market at the turn of the century.  The real question:  is AR now ripe for blowout growth?  This short research note introduces AR, provides examples of current enterprise applications, discusses current barriers facing AR, and contemplates how AR might impact the future of unified communications, video conferencing, and collaboration in the workplace.

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2 Feb 2017
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