Artificial Intelligence in the Conferencing World

Today, Tomorrow, and Perhaps Someday …

Organizations today rely more on conferencing and meetings than ever before.  This is especially true for video conferencing.

Thanks to the ongoing efforts of technology vendors and system integrators, the ease of use for conferencing has improved dramatically in recent years.  However, despite ongoing increases in demand, utilization and usability, the process and workflow for organizing, participating in and closing-out a conference call has changed little over time.  But artificial intelligence aims to change all that.

This study, sponsored by Cisco, provides information and insight into the current and future use of AI in conferencing and collaboration.  Areas of focus include how AI can ...

  • Make conferencing more intuitive
  • Drastically improve ease of use
  • Expedite and simplify meeting scheduling and management
  • Add additional pre- and post-meeting value
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3 Nov 2017