Analysis of Video Learning Effectiveness

Employees Agree Online Training Provides Higher Quality Learning, Better Instructors and Greater Interaction

In the fall of 2016, Wainhouse Research conducted a survey of 1,801 employees at organizations that were well distributed by size and vertical market to gauge use, deployment, and perceptions of technology platforms and services used for enterprise streaming video and webcasting. Within that survey WR presented a set of questions related to technology use and adoption in learning environments.

Analysis in this document focuses on results from four of the 70 questions posed in the survey:

  1. In your opinion, how effective is streaming video in helping to communicate work-related information?
  2. Agree or disagree: Online training sessions provide higher quality of learning because I can learn at a time when I can focus on the content
  3. Agree or disagree: Online training sessions give me access to better instructors than would otherwise be available.
  4. Agree or disagree: Online training sessions are able to match or exceed the opportunities for instructor / learner interaction than is available in traditional classroom settings.

The first two charts describe the effectiveness of streaming video; six additional charts describe employees’ preference for online training with respect to time to focus, better instructors and greater interactivity.

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3 Feb 2017
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