Higher Education and K-12 Awareness of and Interest in All-in-One, Collaborative Interactive Flat Panels - 2018

Presentation and Analysis of Attitudes by Role and Institutional Size
Wainhouse Research conducted a survey of 2,004 knowledge workers – including a targeted group of 330 educators and educational administrators – in the fourth quarter of 2017 to gauge use, deployment, and perceptions of technology platforms and services used for enterprise streaming video and webcasting. Within that survey, WR fielded a line of questions specifically related to the use of all-in-one, touch-screen monitors that to varying degrees combine integrated or connected computer capabilities, interactive flat panel (IFP) displays, built-in microphones and cameras, video conferencing, web conferencing, and other functionality. These devices, as IFPs, display video content as well as support drawing, annotation, and imported content, and may include some types of brainstorming and ideation capabilities. Such platforms can be used as stand-alone teaching and learning devices or integrated within a larger Unified Communications ecosystem.   
Charts contained herein are based on the responses of 131 Higher Education respondents and 199 K-12 respondents and are segmented appropriately. With our eye on potential educational and L&D applications, the goal of the question was to identify awareness, usage, and interest in this emerging class of product. We also explore more deeply usage and attitudes towards the product category across the enterprise landscape, delving into major segments (corporate, education, and government) as well as vertical markets, roles, and size of organization, in a separate, companion research note.
Survey respondents were recruited on a random basis from a managed survey sample pool. The only sample recruiting filter employed in the survey besides educational institutional affiliation ensured equal representation of respondents in the overall survey pool from large organizations (2,500+ employees), mid-sized organizations (250 to 2,500 employees), and small organizations (fewer than 250 employees.)
Analysis in this document focuses on results from one of the 69 questions posed in the survey: 
  • An emerging class of touch-screen monitors designed for conference rooms combines PC capabilities with the controls needed to use the device for in-room video conferencing, content sharing (video and PowerPoint), drawing and annotation, and collaboration. Current examples of these all-in-one meeting devices include Cisco Spark Board, Microsoft Surface Hub, and SMART kapp iQ.    
  • How interested are you in using this type of all-in-one device? 
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26 Mar 2018
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