The 2020 Enterprise Learning Stack

A look forward at the enterprise learning ecosystem

If ten years ago an L&D professional could have time traveled to today and seen the typical enterprise learning ecosystem, he or she would have been delighted, returning with the message: “The future is bright.”  However, a lot has happened in the past ten years, so while many organizations have in place a learning stack that is close to the 2007 ideal, it comes up short in addressing the needs of 2017 learners, L&D departments, and their organizations. This research note describes today’s enterprise learning ecosystem, the changes in technology and business strategies that have been positive in some cases but which have led to certain shortcomings, and what a 2020 learning ecosystem that addresses the shortcomings might look like.

Organizations Mentioned: Harvard ManageMentor, Get Abstract,, SkillSoft, OpenSesame, WatershedLRS, HT2 Labs, Saltbox, Yet Analytics, Degreed, Pathgather, Fuse Universal, Saba, Cornerstone, SumTotal, SuccessFactors, Docebo, Workday, and Adobe.

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2 Aug 2017
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