2019 Ideation Market Sizing & Forecast: Interactive Boards & Panels

Includes Interactive Dry-Erase Whiteboards, Interactive Flat Panel Displays, and UC Boards

WR collects data from and/or estimates the unit shipments from suppliers of interactive whiteboards (IWBs) and interactive flat panels (IFPs) and uses that data in aggregate to arrive at the actual shipments for the base calendar year. Additional data sources include a review of major regional channel partners, and interviews WR conducted Q4 2018 with key worldwide channels (large distributors and resellers) in the collaboration industry.  Our five-year forecast is derived off the base calendar year using our understanding and  projections of market dynamics (demand, technological innovations, adjacent technology shifts, and ASP shifts).

These products fit into the Wainhouse Research (WR) definition of ideation, as described in the WR Collaborative Ideation Technology Landscape Report, August 2018.  Not included in this report are several other categories considered part of the ideation marketplace, namely appliances and software / SaaS revenues that will be forecast in an upcoming companion report.

We note that some manufacturers sell both categories of products, others specialize in their own particular approaches to displays, projection systems (for IWBs), touch technologies, and supporting software.  Some vendors also sell digital signage products; this report does not include such products.

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary        3
  • Objectives and Methodology      3
  • Key Findings       3
  • Market Drivers  6
  • Forecast               7
  • Forecast Assumptions    7
  • Revenue Forecast by Segment   8
  • Unit Forecast by Segment            9
  • Forecast Detail by Product Segment        10
  • Interactive Flat Panel Displays     10
  • IFP Revenue Forecast by Form Factor      10
  • IFP Unit Forecast by Form Factor               10
  • IFP Revenue Forecast by Form Factor -- Charted 11
  • IFP Unit Forecast by Form Factor – Charted          11
  • Interactive Whiteboards               13
  • IWB Revenue and Unit Forecast by Form Factor  13
  • IWB Revenue Forecast by Form Factor    13
  • IWB Revenue Forecast by Form Factor -- Charted               14
  • IWB Unit Forecast by Form Factor -- Charted       14
  • Geographical Segmentation        15


No. of Pages: 
23 Jan 2019
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