2018 Video Meeting Survey Overview

Quantifying how video is used in small-scale, collaborative meetings

Wainhouse Research conducted a survey of 2,002 individuals in November 2018 to gauge usage, deployment, and perceptions of technology platforms and services used for corporate streaming, webcasting and video meetings. The latest survey marks the sixth year that WR has fielded this type of end-user survey designed to quantify trends in enterprise video adoption.

This research note features comprehensive review of top-level results quantifying how video is used in small-scale, collaborative meetings. Accordingly, charts and graphics presented in this report will touch upon all aspects of how video collaboration is used in the enterprise. Results include the quantification of the frequency with which executives use video conferencing in a range of business settings, including in conference rooms, at their desks and via mobile devices. Survey results also will quantify the extent to which respondents have access to video conferencing solutions, the number of rooms equipped with video conferencing in their workplace and the applications enabled by the use of video collaboration solutions. Results from attitudinal questions will gauge respondents’ outlook on scheduling video meetings, the perceived usefulness of video collaboration solutions and interest levels in expanding the use of video in small meeting settings.

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21 Dec 2018
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