2018 Group Video Conferencing Endpoints Worldwide Market Sizing & 5-Year Forecast

Includes Standards-Centric & Service-Attached systems

Newly expanded to include Service-Attached systems, this annual study sizes the worldwide market for video conferencing group endpoints.  Using data collected from the major industry suppliers in aggregate, unit and revenue sizing for six endpoint market segments is presented, further broken down by the four major worldwide geographies. A five-year forecast is then derived off the base-year sizing.

Highlights show that, while the market is expected to achieve close to a 6% cumulative unit growth rate over the next five years, revenue is expected to decline by close to 3% due to declining ASPs and shifts in overall product mix.  But the market is much more dynamic below the surface.  In particular, a major shift is occuring from Standards-Based to Service-Attached systems.  While unit shipments of Standards-Based Single-Codec appliances, the traditional high-volume segment, will decline at close to 9% per year, unit shipments of Service-Attached Single-Codec appliances will grow at close to 16% per year over the five-year forecast period.  Compounding the shift to Service-Attached systems is greenfield growth in Reference Design and DIY Kits, both experiencing double-digit unit growth rates over the forecast period.  Our resulting forecast calls for just-shy of one million group systems to be shipped in 2022, resulting in just-over $2B in total market revenue.

Table of Contents

  • Overview
    • Market Segments
    • Methodology
  • Detail by Product Segment - Standards-Centric Systems
    • Multi-Codec appliances
    • Single-Codec appliances
    • Executive appliances
  • Detail by Product Segment - Service-Attached Systems
    • Single-Codec appliances
    • Reference Design Kits
    • Do It Yourself (DIY) systems
  • 5-Year Forecast by Product Segment
  • 5-Year Forecast by Region
    • North America
    • EMEA
    • APAC
    • CALA
No. of Pages: 
31 May 2018
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