2017 Worldwide Audio Conferencing Services Market Sizing & 5-Year Forecast

Market Sizing & 5-Year Forecast of Worldwide Audio Conferencing Service Markets

Throughout the 1st and 2nd quarter of 2017 Wainhouse Research (WR) conducted an independent assessment of the audio conferencing services market worldwide.

Data presented in this report includes estimates for worldwide and each of four regions (NA, WE, AP, LATAM) including

  • Unified Communications and Personal Web-based Conferencing (web conferencing) audio minute volume offset of the traditional post-paid audio minute volume
  • Current total market size by product type
  • Current market size by volume of audio minutes – unattended, attended, and total
  • Total audio revenue
  • Audio minutes – unattended, attended, total
  • Audio price range & average sales price – unattended & attended
  • Top five CSP market share by revenue
  • Top five CSP ranking of audio volume for attended, unattended, and total audio
  • 5-year forecast by service type – attended/unattended audio conferencing

A companion study covering web conferencing services is in the Personal Web-based Collaboration subscription.

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8 Aug 2017
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