2017 Latin America Personal Web-Based Conferencing Services Market Sizing & 5 Year Forecast

Market Sizing & 5-Year Forecast of 4 Latin American Web Conferencing Service Markets

During fall of 2016 and in early 2017 WR researched the Latin American (LATAM) conferencing services market.  Specific countries include Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, and Colombia.  The study provides the following for each market:

  • Current (2016) personal web-based conferencing services market sizing by revenue
  • 5 year forecast
  • Provider ranking by region and local market

A companion study covering audio conferencing services is available in the Audio Conferencing Products & Services subscription.

By evaluating the current market situation, the objective of this report is to provide insight to CSPs into whether real market opportunity exists in these emerging markets.  WR believes that opportunities for growth exist in both the emerging markets listed in this study and in the major markets for collaboration and conferencing services. In determining whether to pursue new markets or established markets, CSP’s will need to evaluate a number of factors including current market penetration, regional focus, internal resources for expansion, and the expected rate of return on the time and money needed to create or enhance local presence.

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9 Mar 2017
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