2016 Video Conferencing End User Survey

In August 2016 Wainhouse Research conducted its annual survey of video conferencing end users.  This year we opted to focus on individuals who could speak for the conference room plans and who were perhaps more knowledgeable about video conferencing than the random enterprise knowledge worker.  Hence, we focused on IT department workers and those who had used video conferencing at least once in the previous four weeks (admittedly, survey results demonstrate this is too liberal of a requirement given the nature of this project).

Invitations to fill out the survey were sent to two lists.  The first was obtained from an outside market research organization.  Respondents from this list were required to work at least 30 hours per week and to be part of their company's IT/Information Systems/MIS organization.  All of these respondents were US based. 

The second set of invitations was sent to Wainhouse Research's own internal data base - a list that is admittedly more video conferencing, collaboration, and unified communications-savvy than would be the case for a general list of enterprise workers.  Details on the survey respondents' demographics are included in the appendix.  

The analysis of results is based on a total of 311 responses.

  • Approximately 90% of all respondents had used video conferencing at least once in the prior month.
  • Nearly half claim to have more conference rooms of all sized deployed over the past two years and to have video conferencing systems in nearly 80% of their large conference rooms.  
  • Less than 15% of respondents report the number of conference rooms has declined in the past two years.
  • Smaller enterprises are far less likely to deploy dedicated video conferencing equipment in conference rooms and more likely to use conference room computers with audio-video enhancements for the room.
  • BYOD remains a small niche, except for small conference rooms.
  • Using a web conferencing solution remains the most popular approach for providing personal video conferencing capabilities to enterprise workers.
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28 Sep 2016
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