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Looking at HTML5 on the Streaming Frontier

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Looking at HTML5 on the Streaming Frontier

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11 Jul 2018

As Adobe’s Flash video format marches towards end-of-life status in 2020, enterprises continue preparations on how to handle streaming after the retirement of the long-time video warhorse. Increasingly, it looks like the HTML5 protocol will play a role in filling Flash’s role in the video landscape. While HTML5 is not a video format itself, it does support the use of multiple video formats across different devices without requiring content creators to produce multiple versions of the same video. Truly, a publish-once, play anywhere capability.

In this edition of the Frontiers of Business Streaming Series sponsored by Ramp, WR Senior Analyst Steve Vonder Haar takes a look at survey data quantifying the market’s interest in HTML5 and discusses how the rise of HTML5 may accelerate market forces promoting intra-vendor technology integration.  Take a look: