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Qumu Expands Platform to Offer IPTV Options

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Qumu Expands Platform to Offer IPTV Options

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1 Mar 2018

Earlier this week enterprise streaming platform vendor Qumu rolled out an extension to its software offering that enables the distribution of video content to televisions and other display devices.

The software-based solution makes it more cost effective to distribute video content processed on the Qumu platform to a broader array of display devices that had not been supported in the Qumu eco-system previously.

For now, it seems unlikely that the product extension foreshadows any move by Qumu into the crowded market for consumer-oriented IPTV technical solutions. Rather, the goal is to bake increasingly commonplace IPTV capabilities into enterprise streaming solutions that can support the distribution of online video behind the corporate firewall at scale.

The added display flexibility opens the door to employing the Qumu video ecosystem in a more varied set of application settings. For instance, the software-IPTV solution would make it easier for the Qumu system to distribute content to monitors in employee breakrooms, enabling Qumu to position itself as a tool to be used for digital signage applications.

And while Qumu has not historically positioned itself as a provider for streaming platforms for educational institutions, display options that can leverage monitors already in place would make Qumu’s solutions a more viable alternative for price-sensitive customers in the education segment, as well.

Historically, many enterprise streaming platforms have engineered integrations with consumer-oriented set-top box devices, such as those made by Roku. The new Qumu offering, in contrast, packages content for delivery directly to a web browser, enabling an end user IPTV-style without leveraging any additional hardware deployments. Such an approach both simplifies the deployment process and reduces the costs associated with its implementation. 

The product line extension is the first announced by Qumu since its hiring late last year of Haivision executive Chance Mason to head up its sales efforts. While the technology underlying the product feature update may not be revolutionary, it does reflect renewed efforts by Qumu to expand the set of relevant video use cases supported by its platform in the enterprise environment.