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Brightcove, KnowledgeVision Unveil Integration for Live Streaming

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Brightcove, KnowledgeVision Unveil Integration for Live Streaming

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7 Dec 2017

The integration strategies of streaming solution providers are taking a new path with this week's announcement of a partnership by Brightcove and KnowledgeVision Systems to develop a combined solution for producing live webcasts.

KnowledgeVision said it will begin offering a version of its Knovio streaming platform - best known for enabling fast and simple production of on-demand content - as a content creation solution utilizing Brightcove's live video distribution capabilities. The companies said that the new add-on offering - called "Knovio Live for Brightcove" will be available as both an add-on solution for existing Brightcove customers and as a stand-alone solution for live webcasting.

The marketing partnership between two vendors of streaming content creation solutions is somewhat unusual. Typically, integrations in the streaming field involve vendors addressing separate and distinct pieces of the online video ecosystem. In recent years, for instance, it has become commonplace for developers of content creation and management solutions to integrate their offerings with networking offerings developed by outside vendors.

The alliance between Brightcove and KnowledgeVision is different than most streaming partnerships because it marries the capabilities of two vendors both offering their own approaches to creating, presenting and managing online video content.

Historically, such vendors view themselves as rivals instead of partners. And, if two content creation platforms did happen to find value in combining features, they would be more likely to foster integration through acquisition. On-demand provider Vimeo, for instance, earlier this year boosted its capacity for supporting live online events with the acquisition of platform provider Livestream.

Brightcove and KnowledgeVision are illustrating that they can enhance their go-to-market stories even without a formal acquisition. While KnowledgeVision adds broader reach for live content to its offerings, Brightcove gains an improved option that helps presenters to more easily integrate PowerPoint and other on-screen presentation capabilities into events distributed via the Brightcove platform.

More important to us, however, is the example that this deal sets for the rest of the market. It illustrates that a small vendor focusing on a specific feature set can plug their solution into a larger streaming platform and still create market value.

This suggests that other start-ups with a laser-like focus on specific streaming features can have a path to market viability, particularly among customers using hosted streaming solutions. From here at Wainhouse Research, it's not hard to imagine the birth and development of targeted streaming solutions designed specifically to address unique needs in the marketplace. For example, targeted hosted apps could be created for human resources departments, customer service units or marketing teams and then plugged into broader platforms, such as that offered by Brightcove, to reach more prospective customers.

It may be a while before we actually see any critical mass in such targeted start-ups making their way through this type of growth and partnership cycle. That said, at least KnowledgeVision and Brightcove are showing that it is possible.