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VBrick Rides the Cisco Wave

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VBrick Rides the Cisco Wave

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6 Sep 2017

Sometimes, it pays to have a technology giant on your side.

At least that’s what enterprise streaming platform vendor VBrick is discovering as its selling partnership with Cisco appears to be kicking into full gear.

The privately-held VBrick today released selected financial metrics for the first half of 2017 – a marketing attempt designed to counter some negative perceptions of the overall market.  Those perceptions were created by recent lackluster financial results reported by some of its publicly-traded rivals in the enterprise streaming segment.

While it should be expected that VBrick would only unveil cherry-picked financial results that paint the company in the best light possible, the company’s performance in the first half of 2017 is nonetheless impressive.

Most notably, the company said sales of long-term contract commitments during the first half of the year increased by 72% over the same time in 2016, providing a substantial boost to the vendor’s revenue backlog.

The sales surge was fueled largely by increased VBrick activity with Cisco. In the first half of 2017, Cisco-related sales increased by 163% over comparable prior-year levels.

The results reflect growing momentum for VBrick and its alliance with Cisco – a partnership launched several years ago. Cisco had first named VBrick as one of its “Solutions Plus” partners in 2015 – a move that enabled VBrick solutions to appear on pricing sheets used by Cisco sales reps and channel partners.  The following year Cisco pulled the plug on its aging, in-house Show & Share streaming product, essentially anointing VBrick as the preferred streaming option promoted in the Cisco ecosystem.

VBrick in 2017 also has experienced accelerated adoption of its Rev content management platform product. Sales of the platform solution increased 134% in the first half of the year over prior year levels.

While part of this sales increase can be attributed to low comparable sales results logged by the relatively new Rev product line in 2016, the performance still demonstrates that VBrick is gaining traction with its content management solution. The company reports that the number of licensed Rev users increased by 620% year-over-year, with the platform seeing a 279% increase in the number of live video events produced by Rev customers.

Overall, I see these results as confirmation of my long-held belief in the power of large technology vendors to make a difference in the trajectory of the enterprise streaming market. At times in years past, it would seem as if vendors like Cisco, Microsoft and IBM would pay scant attention to the opportunities to grow sales by promoting the adoption of enterprise streaming.

But, now, as large vendors increasingly acknowledge streaming as a vital part of the enterprise technology stack, it creates the type of industry validation that encourages business users to honestly consider the implementation of streaming solutions. One should not underestimate the impact that can have on adoption patterns in the enterprise.

Even while garnering the fruits of working more closely with one of the technology industry’s behemoths, however, VBrick management insists that the company is working to diversify itself from relying too much on its Cisco relationship over the long haul. That said, based on the 2017 results, it may not hurt VBrick to ride the Cisco wave for at least a little bit longer.