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Video Conferencing Historical Trivia Challenge - Results

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Video Conferencing Historical Trivia Challenge - Results

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23 May 2017

Well, it turns out our video conferencing historical trivia challenge was pretty tough.  Twenty questions, 175 responses, and the average number of correct responses was only 7.  Not an impressive showing.  The highest score registered was 18 correct answers. 

The grand prize winner of our $25 amazon certificate is Marcio Macedo, formerly of Polycom and PictureTel.

Here is your answer key with some scoring results. Meanwhile, stay tuned - we have a second quiz in the works.

1  In 1994, which major carrier offered customers the "Global Business Video Service" (GBVS)
( ) ATT  102 correct responses
( ) MCI
( ) Sprint

2  Which company manufactured an electronic whiteboard in 1994 that allowed users to share documents and annotate in real time over the common POTS network?
( ) Ford
( ) HP
( ) Xerox  126 correct responses
( ) Microsoft
( ) Google

3  In 1998, the full commercial licensing rights of a popular video conferencing software solution were transferred to White Pine Software.  What was the name of that Internet video conferencing client? 
CUSeeMe  43 correct responses
4  In the mid-to-late 1990s one independent video conferencing bridge manufacturer was publicly traded.  What was the name of that company?
 VideoServer  5 correct responses
5 In January 2002, VTEL Corporation changed the name of the company.  What was the new name for the company?
Forgent Networks  18 correct responses

6  VTEL, Panasonic, GPT, and Intel.  How many of these vendors were in the room video conferencing business during the 1990s?
 ( ) One of them
( ) Two of them
( ) Three of them
( ) All of them  59 correct responses

7  What company introduced a room video conferencing system with leather trim in 2006?
Aethra  16 correct responses
8  What is a Codec?
( ) Slang term for film used in traditional still cameras
( ) Device for sending multimedia signals over a network  165 correct responses
( ) Wild animal found in the Australian outback
( ) Derogatory name for a computer hacker

9  What is the fundamental math algorithm used in video compression?
( ) Pixel Density Ratio
( ) Discrete Cosine Transform 89 correct responses
( ) Indiscrete Tangent Transform
( ) Derivative Network Latency

10 In December 2000, Polycom acquired an Israel-based manufacturer of video conferencing bridges.  What was the name of that company? 
Accord Networks 76 correct responses
11  In May 2001 Polycom acquired a major competitor that was on the ropes at the time.  The purchase price was over $350M.  What company did Polycom acquire?
PictureTel  91 correct responses
12  In March 2005, Radvision acquired a company out of bankruptcy that was originally well-known in the ATM networking space.  What was the name of that company? 
First Virtual Corporation, aka FVC  24 correct responses

13  In September 2007, Tandberg made a major acquisition for nearly $300M.  What company did Tandberg acquire? 
CODIAN  86 correct responses

14  In January 2012, ClearOne acquired the assets of a company that was a pioneer in the video over IP space dating back to the mid-1990s.    What was the name of the company at the time it was acquired by ClearOne? 
Emblaze-VCON; nobody got this answer correct, so we decided to give credit for “VCON.”  43 correct responses
15  In June 2012, Avaya acquired a video conferencing company for over $200M.  Who did they acquire? 
RADVISION 85 correct responses
16  The predecessor to today’s IMTC organization was:
( ) CATS  40 correct responses
( ) DOGS
( ) MICE
( ) FISH

17  The ITU standard H.323 defines protocols for video communications over a packet network.  Prior to video over IP, the most common network for video conferencing was ISDN.  What was the umbrella ITU recommendation for ISDN video conferencing?
H.320  77 correct responses
18  Scalable video coding is the name for an annex to the ITU recommendation H.264 for video coding.  What is the annex designation? 
Annex G  26 correct responses
19  By 1998, the industry standard for data sharing had an ITU designation.  What was the ITU recommendation? 
T.120  32 correct responses

20  At one point in time, 9600 baud modems were the rage.  What was the ITU recommendation for video conferencing over POTS? 
H.324  22 correct responses