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Haivision & Wowza Media Partner on Open-Source Initiative

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Haivision & Wowza Media Partner on Open-Source Initiative

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24 Apr 2017

Making a splash ahead of the National Association of Broadcasters conference to be held this week in Las Vegas, Haivision said it is partnering with Wowza Media to offer broader access to Haivision’s “Secure Reliable Transport” (SRT)  streaming distribution technologies.

With the move, Wowza will incorporate SRT capabilities into its own server solution, integrating features that enhance content security and compensate for data packet loss in the streaming distribution process. Wowza also will support Haivision efforts to position SRT as an open-source standard to be promoted under the banner of the “SRT Alliance.”

The initiative represents a major strategic shift for Haivision, which historically has promoted its SRT capabilities as a proprietary protocol that differentiates its offerings from those of other streaming technology developers. In most simplistic terms, SRT employs software to encrypt streaming data at the originating server and decrypt it at the player where it is viewed. Other protocols applied during the transmission process enhance the quality of the video that can be transmitted via a limited network connection.

Wowza, best known for its “Wowza Streaming Engine” server that converts video content into digital formats and prepares it for online distribution, benefits from incorporating SRT by using the Haivision-developed technology to enhance the video quality and security of content generated from its servers.

For Haivision, the move represents a recognition of the new realities of technology development in streaming industry. Where vendors once differentiated themselves on the basis of proprietary technologies, the new watchword is now “integration” – specifically in the form of knitting together solutions from multiple vendors to create a single streaming platform.

At this point, it’s unclear just how deeply Wowza and Haivision will be promoting the concept of an open-source SRT Alliance. If taken to the extreme, however, we could look back on this partnership as a watershed event in the evolution product integration in the streaming technology platform industry.

Many well-known vendors already quietly integrate the Wowza Streaming Engine into their larger platform solutions.  In theory, an SRT-infused version of the Wowza offering would make it easier for Haivision to integrate its solutions into the technology platforms now using Wowza. In short, SRT compatibility becomes a type of Trojan Horse that makes it easier for Haivision to integrate its products with the solutions of other vendors.

Haivision is particularly well-suited to capitalize on an acceleration of the streaming industry’s rush towards integration. Unlike many other streaming technology vendors that sell their wares primarily via a direct sales force, Haivision has bet its business on fostering strong relationships with the reseller channel.  It also has built a large stable of stand-alone products - ranging from content encoding to digital signage capabilities - that resellers can easily plug into the customized solutions they develop.

We will be getting more details on the scope of the Haivision / Wowza partnership when visiting with company executives later this week in Las Vegas. But an initial read of the tea leaves here suggests that this is much more than the typical “press release partnership” that is so common among many streaming technology vendors at trade shows like NAB.