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Blog: March 2017

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Posted: 1 Apr 2017

An international team of archeologists working a dig at the fourth-kingdom tomb of Aken-Mishpucha deep in southwestern Egypt has uncovered an unusual frieze in the burial chamber of the king's...

Blog tags: Video Conferencing
Posted: 31 Mar 2017

Overall Latin American audio conferencing volume growth was 14% in 2016, the same as 2015.  What’s going on?  The local markets of Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, and Columbia...

Blog tags: Audio Conferencing
Posted: 31 Mar 2017

Between Q4 and Q3 2016, the U.S. standalone audio conferencing market declined by 1 billion minutes. Over the same period in 2015, the U.S. market declined by 535 million minutes...

Blog tags: Audio Conferencing
Posted: 16 Mar 2017

The volume of articles covering how different the Millennial generation is from the older, Generation-X and Baby Boomer cohorts seems to have waned some in the past year. While I suspect reader...

Blog tags: Distance Ed. / EDU
Posted: 14 Mar 2017

ClearOne reported revenues of $10.73M for the fourth quarter, down 25% from Q4-2015.  Net income swung from earnings of $1.572M to a loss of $1.088M as a result. ...

Blog tags: Video Conferencing, Audio Conferencing
Posted: 13 Mar 2017

Larger than ever with almost 8,000 attendees from 47 countries this year, Austin, TX’s South by Southwest Edu (SXSWedu) “felt” different this year.  The vibe?  Let’s roll up our...

Blog tags: Distance Ed. / EDU
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