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Global Presence Alliance (GPA) Inks Major Deals

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Global Presence Alliance (GPA) Inks Major Deals

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2 Feb 2017

For large enterprises, the selection, deployment, and ongoing management of a global communication environment is incredibly challenging.  The expectation is clear – allow anyone, at any time, on any device, and using any network, to reach anyone – quickly, easily, and reliably.  Seems simple enough – right?

In hopes of taming this beast, many organizations have defined standards for AV system designs, user interfaces, communication platforms, and more.  And some have entered strategic agreements with key suppliers in hopes of simplifying technology procurement and support.  But along the way, many customers have discovered how difficult it is to find a truly global AV integrator and AV support team.

The Global Presence Alliance (GPA) was formed in 2008 with the goal of becoming the “star alliance” of the audio visual and video conferencing industry.  Tactically speaking, the GPA is a coalition of integrators who have agreed to work together to offer customers access to a “global” (well almost global) team of resources.  Nine years later, the GPA now includes 26 member companies with 5,000 employees operating in over 40 countries with offices in 180 major cities around the world.  See map below showing locations of current GPA channel partners / members.

WR has watched the GPA’s evolution from a loosely organized group of resellers into a highly cooperative alliance with great interest.  And in the last few quarters, we’ve seen GPA members compete for massive global contracts by promising to bring the full force of the GPA membership to bear. 

A few weeks ago, the GPA secured global contracts from one of the world’s largest investment banks and a major pharmaceutical company.  These deals combined include providing AV equipment and support for more than 10,000 small, medium, and large conference rooms around the world.  According to GPA representatives, “no individual GPA member could possibly support such a large deployment.  But by working together, we can do far more than we could individually.  This is the focus of the GPA.”   

WR expects to see more mega-deals like these in the future as organizations seek to globalize while also simplifying their communications environments. 

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