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90% of Businesses are Wasting their Employees’ Time

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90% of Businesses are Wasting their Employees’ Time

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9 Jan 2017

Seriously people!  I hear you shouting “yes” and nodding agreement, thinking here’s a fellow rebel without a cause. This guy knows what it means to sit through a boring meeting, and how to tilt against bureaucratic windmills!  Here’s a guy who’s negative about the way people meet or wishes he’d been the one to think up the cool book title Death by PowerPoint

Nah, that’s not me. Well, I do wish I’d written Death by PowerPoint.  But more to the point, I do love a good meeting (if it’s effective!) and I’m especially intrigued by the technologies now available to address group processes.  This is turf we’ve written about before; many people call it brainstorming or ideation technologies.  Maybe a book could be called Death by Flip Chart!  That's one of the items we're addressing here.

My colleague Andy Nilssen and I fielded a survey to 350 knowledge workers this past summer and do you want to know the most shocking stat we learned?  A whopping nine out of ten of us – 90% -- have taken snapshots of group work at the end of a brainstorming session.  Almost half (46%) do it often!

Think about it: then we go and email static pictures to everyone, or upload them to SharePoint or Box or some other file server.  End of meeting. Beginning of hassles.  What happens to all that work output, and how can people access it effectively?

It gets worse: sometimes teams need to meet over time in shared workspaces, or need to pull in remote colleagues, and need something other than or in addition to video conferencing or web conferencing to pull it off.

Andy and I are presenting in a webinar next week, sponsored by Nureva, and we’ll share even more data and information concerning why brainstorming and group processes are so hot right now.  We’ll dig into why there’s a certain corner of your workflow in need of a digital refresh – with some discussion of the benefits of digitizing that last digital holdout.

This will be Wednesday, January 18, 2017 at 2 PM Eastern Time U.S. – click here to register.