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Newtek / Wowza Join Forces to Forge MediaDS Streaming Appliance

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Newtek / Wowza Join Forces to Forge MediaDS Streaming Appliance

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6 Jan 2017

More and more streaming vendors may be looking to use the "Reese's Peanut Butter Cup" approach to forging online video solutions in 2017.

Just as the inventors of the candy treat long ago discovered that, when put together, chocolate and peanut butter make for a pretty good combination, technology developers are finding that combining complementary video production features into a single package can make for a tasty streaming package.

At least that's the conclusion we can draw when looking at the first significant product alliance of the year - Newtek and Wowza unveiled plans this week to join forces to create a streaming appliance called "MediaDS."

The new offering, which lists at $11,995, combines live video production capabilities as found in devices such as Newtek's TriCaster appliance and merges them with the digital transcoding and packaging capabilities of the Wowza Media Server. The combination enables users to deploy a single solution capable of supporting the creation, packaging, and distribution of live streaming content.

The integrated feature set includes the presentation of content via the Wowza Player application which was added to the Wowza product feature set last year. The Wowza Player makes it possible for users to insert embeded codes for accessing video content into existing web pages - a capability that allows MediaDS to truly portray itself as a single-source solution for simplified streaming production and distribution. As is the case with Newtek's existing TriCaster appliance, the MediaDS appliance can also distribute video from a range of consumer-oriented video hosting services, including Facebook Live and YouTube.

We have not yet gotten our hands on the solution for a full demo of the product, but we suspect that the Newtek / Wowza combination will be most useful for webcasting live events. Based on initial descriptions, the content management capabilities for MediaDS appear sparse compared with other commonly-available streaming platforms.

Nevertheless, we suspect that this integration may simply foreshadow a string of product development alliances. Such alliances likely will produce an array of streaming platform approaches that will give users a wider range of targeted solution options in the year ahead.