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Video Learning - We just need practice!

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Video Learning - We just need practice!

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2 Nov 2016

Last week, I joined Rebecca Osborne, Director of Talent Development at SeniorLink, in Newport, Rhode Island for the annual meeting of the New England Region WOCN, an association of nurses. Together we led a pair of sessions in which we discussed strategies and technology that would boost learner engagement. We touched on motivation, learning styles, in-class engagement, and blended learning that use social and video solutions. Our audience, nearly 60 senior nurses between the two sessions, spends a significant part of their day training other nurses as well as patients. In our opening poll, the group indicated a strong preference for in-person training that includes lecture, demonstration, and hands-on practice. 

During the session, we shared and discussed a video clip that Rebecca frequently uses.  A little later, we asked about their attitude toward video learning. As you can see in the next chart, they were very open to learning via video. On a five-point scale, the mean value was 4.0.

They also were even more open to using video in their learning programs, with the average rising to 4.3.

As you can see below, however, they were certainly more reluctant about nurses recording and sharing video. Here the mean is 3.2.

Furthermore, when we asked what would make them more comfortable, the discussion could be summarized in four words: “We just need practice.”

For advocates of video learning, this is good news – after all, name a new technology that we aren’t a little reluctant to use, especially in a fast-paced, high-stakes environment, such as healthcare? While this is admittedly not a rigorous study, these data do indicate that more experienced employees, with adequate training and practice, are ready for video learning.

Wainhouse Research is embarking on a study of video learning in the enterprise.  If you use video learning for corporate training as a learning leader or an end user, we would like to talk to you about your solution(s) deployed and your approaches and experiences. Please email me at [email protected].  

A word about these charts. We captured this information via UMU, a mobile learning solution. UMU allows for in-class surveys, discussions, and sharing of flip charts with responses recorded via smartphones. We used the free version of UMU, which helped us engage with our audience, and we appreciated its availability. (