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MediaPlatform Hires Mike Newman as President

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MediaPlatform Hires Mike Newman as President

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23 Jul 2015

Enterprise streaming vendor MediaPlatform today said it has hired industry veteran Mike Newman to be the company’s president.

Newman had been with Polycom since 2011 when Polycom purchased Accordent Technologies – a video content platform company co-founded by Newman – in a deal valued at $50 million. It is not known at this point whether Newman will have an equity stake in MediaPlatform.

Newman, who left Polycom earlier this year as the company geared up plans to update it's video content management product line, replaces Greg Pulier as MediaPlatform’s president. Pulier continues to be listed on the MediaPlatform site as “founder” but appears to have no identified operational role. Jim McGovern remains MediaPlatform’s chief executive officer.

I think MediaPlatform is a good landing spot for Newman – an executive who is widely respected throughout the enterprise streaming industry and emerged as one of the early leaders of the segment during his time at Accordent. While Newman assumed a relatively low public profile during his time at Polycom, his hiring can only be described as a positive development for MediaPlatform.

While MediaPlatform has a strong reputation based on its streaming solutions, the company has had difficulties in translating that market image into fast-paced sales growth. Newman’s presence provides the company additional gravitas that may help it make more “short-lists” as companies evaluate streaming technology platform options. It will be interesting to see if Newman can help recruit any former Accordent sales reps to the MediaPlatform team.

Upon joining MediaPlatform, Newman will have to respond to questions regarding whether he took the role at the company simply as a matter of convenience. Newman lives in the Los Angeles metropolitan area, and Accordent had been based near the Los Angeles International Airport. MediaPlatform, with headquarters in Beverly Hills, is the only other substantial enterprise streaming vendor with operations near Los Angeles.   

We fully anticipate that Pulier, long the technical visionary for MediaPlatform, will remain with the company in some type of “chief evangelist” type of role. Denis Khoo, MediaPlatform’s chief technology officer, continues to be listed in that position on the MediaPlatform web site.