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Kontiki Becomes Kollective

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Kontiki Becomes Kollective

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23 Mar 2015

Kontiki is getting a new face.

The developer of enterprise streaming solutions today said it is changing its name to “Kollective” as it overhauls the branding for its product lines.

Moving forward, the company’s flagship solution that handles data traffic on internal corporate networks using peer-to-peer technologies will be sold under the new “Kollective” corporate name.

The “Kontiki” name is not disappearing altogether though. Other hosted solutions developed by the company, such as those that enable the creation of webcast content, the management of enterprise YouTube capabilities and the measurement of content viewership, will continue to employ the “Kontiki” product brand.

The company will continue to sell the combined Kollective and Kontiki solutions as a single platform for enabling streaming video creation, management and distribution within the enterprise. The company has no plans to change its pricing approach either.

But the move clearly illustrates the course to be charted by the newly christened Kollective. After years of working to build an integrated suite of streaming solutions around its core networking capabilities, the company is signaling that being a “network-focused” company may not be such a bad idea after all.

By taking steps now to brand its networking capabilities under the “Kollective” umbrella and offering other streaming solutions under the “Kontiki” name, the company ultimately makes it easier to unbundle the two from one another if the need eventually arises. That is, if the company ever sells its video creation and management solutions to another vendor, it will be easier to split the two entities apart.

For now, such a split makes little sense. Many corporate customers still prefer to buy end-to-end streaming solutions from a single vendor. Today’s Kollective can still do that, selling a solution that combines its Kollective and Kontiki offerings.

But change is in the air at the company. Its long-time chairman Todd Johnson has re-engaged in a daily operational role with Kollective, taking on responsibilities for marketing and business development. Watch for Johnson to take on a more public-facing role for the organization while current CEO Dan Vetras keeps the trains running on the company’s day-to-day operations.

It is unclear how soon market conditions will drive end user preference for modular, API-driven building blocks over today’s affinity for integrated end-to-end streaming solutions. With its branding moves today, Kollective gives itself more options to move rapidly once that future arrives.  Streaming and webcasting WR On Demand subscribers, stay tuned for a more detailed overview of the new Kollective in a company profile.