Blue Jeans Goes for the Big Time

In mid-December Blue Jeans Network announced a new service dubbed Blue Jeans Primetime.  While this news release didn't make the CBS evening news, it is in fact a new offering that has the potential to change the way we work / market / sell / relax in ways not unlike the way Amazon, Google, and PayPal have influenced our everyday lives. 

The Passing of an Industry Legend, George Feldstein

The AV industry suffered a great loss yesterday when the Chairman and Founder of Crestron, George Feldstein, passed away.  Feldstein and his wife Lynda launched Crestron in the 1970s, and over the last 45 years turned the company into a leading player in the audio-visual space.

Feldstein with awards from CEDIA Expo 2009
(picture courtesy of CEDIA)

The VCaaS Future: Cloudy With a Chance of Hyperbole

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Do you suffer from Collaboration Fatigue?

Do you suffer from Collaboration Fatigue? If you answered "I don't know", take the following quiz and find out!

When you hear an email arrive, what happens?

Conference room video conferencing: Dead end investment or next-gen productivity tool?

Between browser-based video conferencing, the hype surrounding BYOD, and just about every video conferencing vendor under the sun adding video support for android, iOS, and Windows phone devices (ok, so maybe not Windows phones), you might think that interest in adding or upgrading conference room video systems has hit an all time low. But you would be wrong. In a recent survey to be published next month, over 70% of respondents indicated they expect to spend the same or more on video conferencing equipment in 2014 than they did last year.

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Web Conferencing with Team Workspaces: The time is now

One of several data morsels to come out of our 2H 2013 WebMetrics user survey clearly indicates the opportunity for expanding web conferencing offerings to accommodate the async collaboration that groups of people need to do between meetings.  When asked "How often do you participate in a recurring series of web conferences that involve the same groups?

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WebRTC: The horse that can count to ten?

They say a horse that can count to ten is a very smart horse, but not necessarily a good choice to be your tax accountant.  That's how I've felt about WebRTC since early 2012.  Yes, amazing to be able to do a no-download video call from within a browser.  But the audio-video quality and lip sync were not business quality.  Not even consumer quality.  And certainly not an experience I would use in my every day work or home life.  Color me a WebRTC doubter.

The Stealth Acquisition of Vidtel

“If a tree falls in the woods and no one is around to hear it, does it still make a sound?”  How about this one … “If a cloud-based video conferencing service provider is acquired by a financial services company but neither company tells anyone about it, did it really happen?” 

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PGi Acquires ACT Conferencing

On 4 September 2013, almost exactly one month after NTT Communications announced its acquisition of Arkadin (5 August 2013), PGi announced its acquisition of Denver, CO-based ACT Conferencing for $44M USD in cash.  And, based on the pipeline of activity WR sees from PGi and others, we expect more acquisitions before the year end.

PGi acquired ACT Conferencing from Dolphin Asset Management, a private equity firm focused on micro-cap companies.

Video Conferencing: Been Down So Long, Looks Like Up to Me

Q2-2013 is shaping up to be another disappointing quarter for the video conferencing industry, at least as far as enterprise group systems and infrastructure revenues are concerned.  If that turns out to be the case, and not all the data is in yet, then it will be at least six quarters since year over year growth matched the industry's historical norm.  The alarming thought is that THIS may be the new normal. 

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